Get a Flu Shot, Save a Life with Give a Shot, Get a Shot

photo (6)Unless I am at a store where the pharmacy has someone standing there holding a flu shot ready to be administered, I tell myself it will take too long and I don’t have the time to get vaccinated. Eventually, I do it, but it’s always after procrastinating a few weeks. This year is different: for the first time that I can remember, I am the first one in our house with a flu shot. I walked into my local Walgreens yesterday and 10 minutes later, left vaccinated and feeling good.

It’s important to act now because until Oct. 14, Walgreens is teaming up with United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign for Get a Shot, Give a Shot. For every flu shot given at any Walgreens or Healthcare Clinic through Oct. 14, Walgreens will provide a life saving vaccine to a child in a third world country through the Shot@Life program. This means that yesterday I not only prevented the likelihood that I’ll get the flu this season, but I helped give a child a shot at life by protecting him or her from polio and measles. I didn’t have to pay a cent (thank you, Obamacare), and the only thing it cost me was my time and a little poke, which didn’t hurt at all.

Last year I chose herd immunity for the flu and it failed. Life was chaotic as we were living through a house remodel, camping inside our home with one working toilet, and while I made sure my kids were vaccinated and my husband got his vaccine, I let myself go with a wish and extra hand washing. There is nothing like having the flu in a freezing cold home filled with workers and zero privacy. I was hiding out under a sleeping bag on a mattress on the ground, covered in construction plastic and dust, and I still had to answer all of their questions or get up to look at things for them. It was horrible. It was also the epitome of first world problems. I didn’t get a flu shot and I was uncomfortably sick for a few days. I didn’t die, nor I didn’t have to watch my kids die from a preventable disease.

As many people know, my grandmother died a horrific death from polio. Polio has not been eradicated – all it takes is a quick search on Google to see that polio is still a very real threat. Act now to get your flu shot and help give a kid a shot at life.

(Look here to find your local Walgreens.)

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