Making Milestone Birthdays Special (Hint: Add Margaritas)

Digital StillCameraThinking back on birthdays, a few stand out, like a family and friends surprise party when I was 13 (tip: do not do this to a 13 year old. Being 13 is awkward enough without a surprise party mixing your seventh grade friends and elderly relatives.) or the wild birthdays of my 20s, aided in their craziness by the fact that my birthday is March 17. Imagine the craziness of a 21st birthday, then throw in the rowdiness of St. Patrick’s Day…it was noteworthy.

My favorite milestone birthday parties that I’ve thrown were for my daughter’s first birthday and my mom’s 60th birthday. My daughter’s birthday party was a blur, an accurate representation of her first year of life. The party was for her, but it was for us, too. We made it to one year! As someone who had killed numerous plants and one hamster (if you side with my mother in that debate), keeping this delicate baby alive while suffering from extreme sleep deprivation was a victory worth celebrating.

Two years prior, while suffering through a very sick first trimester, we threw my mom a 60th birthday party with the theme of margaritas. This has been my favorite non-kid party yet.

Margaritas as a theme is really a gold mine for women turning 60. My only tip would be to consider renting a margarita machine because, whew boy, making pitcher after pitcher of margaritas got old fast.

I cannot remember how many people were there, but it was probably around 50, and sadly, they wanted to eat, which was in direct conflict with a strong aversion to food brought on by my morning sickness. I don’t know how, but the night before, after much gagging procrastination, I made enough food for the large crowd. There were cheese enchiladas, chorizo enchiladas, seafood cazuela, chiliquiles, flank steak, chips, salsa, guacamole, and of course, margaritas. The margaritas were adorned with tiny umbrellas and little plastic monkeys hanging from the glasses. It was perfect…as long as no one peered into the kitchen.

It was a mess in the kitchen. I mustered all of the energy I could to stay upright, but then my mom got to announce that I was pregnant, which suddenly justified my hiding in a kitchen that looked like a tornado had ripped through it.

The party was a blast and because all parties call for favors, everyone left with the most adorable, colorful, woven plastic maracas. I recently came across one of the maracas, 11 years later, and it brought back all of the good memories, which is exactly what a favor is supposed to do.

The post was sponsored by Beau-coup, which is filled with the most clever party ideas, favors, gifts, and more. I want to plan my next party theme around some of their favors, like these gumball machines. Maybe we should do a candy party next. And darn, I needed their milk bottles for our breakfast for dinner birthday party. Inspiration for your next events is abundant on their Facebook and Pinterest pages. 

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