When Does Halloween Season Begin?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy family is sick of my quest for candy corn, which has caused me to visit Target three times in the past five days to stalk their Halloween supplies. Rather, the lack of supplies because this seems to be the most piece-meal approach to a holiday that I have seen by a large retailer. One day Halloween dog toys were added, the next Halloween Oreos, but the main piece, the aisles of candy, appear to be last in the line up. This caused me to wonder if the little-by-little reveal, rather than an overnight transformation into a holiday wonderland is a corporate effort to tone down the introduction of a holiday six weeks away.

People on Facebook have mentioned costumes, with some homemade, the early approach makes sense, while others purchased and their announcement made as a proud check on the long list of things to do. People usually complain about the early start to holidays, and while I agree that it feels wrong to walk into Costco to see Christmas items on display in August, I’m all for Halloween getting the green light to start post-Labor Day. I love Halloween, and while I’m not ready to decorate our house, I do need candy corn for a fall display. I went to a local drug store instead of Target today, but they only sold candy corn in those small baggies that same size grandmas would buy filled with hard candy. I need a few 1 lb.+ sacks of Brach’s, but Target is holding out on me.

When does Halloween season begin? Should we wait until October 1 or is post-Labor Day okay? I love not having to wait until the last week to buy costume accessories for my kids. I love fall decor. I’m not putting out skeletons or spooky lights yet, but I love brown and orange leaves, and Brach’s orange and yellow candy corn. Target is holding me back this year, but I wonder if I feel restless because I’m used to the seemingly unspoken agreement with stores to start holidays eight weeks early. My Target’s delay may be reasonable, but it has me thrown off.

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  1. September 13, 2015
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