Considering Discount Shopping Markets


Recently a creative friend flooded Instagram with photos of things she found at a nearby discount grocery market. It was a place I’d never been, but she found amazing deals on great stuff she could use for parties – sleeves of chinese food take out containers, candy for party favors, party supplies, etc. I went from being entertained to kind of jealous. She tapped into a hidden treasure, which was only hidden to me, the person who rarely steps out of my Whole Foods bubble.

As if on cue, Grocery Outlet sent over an edible press kit with a sticker on each item with the Grocery Outlet price, and the price if purchased elsewhere. It was a great concept that grabbed the attention of my kids, as they eat many of the things they sent over, for instance, Annie’s Bunny Snacks – $5.99 a box at Grocery Outlet/$14.99 elsewhere, Stretch Island Fruit – $1.99 at Grocery Outlet/$2.99 elsewhere, and Gummi Vitamins – $7.99/$12.99. Everything was about 50-61% lower than a conventional store price. This is the perfect solution for soccer and school snacks.

Now I have to go. We have a Grocery Outlet in our town, and I have never been. One thing I read is that they may not restock what they have, which means if you see something you like, grab it because it may not be there later. This brings back all the excitement of bargain shopping for clothes that I used to do, and now I know why my friend flaunted her finds. They truly were finds.

  1. September 12, 2013
    • September 12, 2013
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