Changing Pediatricians

1195424055679579296stethoscope_eric_maeker_01.svg.medI’m horrible with endings. By the time it was clear I needed to let go of our housekeeper, it was about a year and a half before I took action, and even then, I used our remodel as the way to avoid a horrible break up with hurt feelings. Leaving our pediatrician was almost as stress-inducing, but it’s done, and we officially see a new doctor today.

A ton of research went into picking our pediatrician and I feel strongly that we got the best. Due to time, over the nearly 11 years we’d been with her, much had changed: she went from her own thriving practice to joining another doctor’s practice, which brought us to an office with a reputation for being less than friendly. I never felt welcomed in that office, and about the same time our doctor began scaling back her hours, my kids started asking for a new doctor. As it was, our last visits weren’t with our pediatrician anyway, making it unclear what was keeping us around.

I’m still not clear how much my kids’ discontent was our doctor’s bedside manner vs the simple fact that they hate getting shots, and this was the person responsible for subjecting them to this torture. Either way, it was time to change, but the problem was it’s not so easy to change once you have older kids. When I first called an office, I was told that they were only letting accepting newborns as new patients, however, if I had a newborn, that would allow my older kids to join, too. I wasn’t that dedicated to a new pediatrician. It made me feel bad for people who may move in from out of town, only to get turned away from popular practices because the family was lacking a newborn.

With some help, we were able to get into the practice we wanted, with the doctors who had been originally connected to our first pediatrician’s office. Our first appointment is today and already that lucky kid who gets to go first is complaining about the vaccines ahead.

What I realized is that while I liked our old pediatrician, what I loved was the entire office. The calming presence that could talk any anxious mama down, who made sure we got in, if needed, or medicines quickly, if those were called for instead of a visit. They walked me through a crisis when my son was at home and had possibly been exposed to something bad, and I was on a paddleboat on the Mississippi River. They were funny and disarming, which not only made me feel good, it helped the kids. A calm mom usually means calm kids. We’ll see what happens today, but it’s got to be better than the last practice, where we felt like inherited step children who were always reminded that we weren’t in the inner circle. We’re optimistic about this new place.

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  1. September 7, 2013
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