Trying to Get Back to a School Sleep Schedule

6BBDE4FF3We managed to maintain our regular schedule once school let out for summer and through six weeks of camp, but once our routine ended, so did our regular sleep hours. Now, I’m worried about the transition back and how awful it is going to be. I haven’t been able to fall asleep before midnight, and I’ve been waking up later and later. The kids go to bed well before midnight, but still after their normal bedtimes, and they’ve been sleeping in. Well, that’s not always the case for my son, who will wake up at a normal time, then become an emotional mess as the day wears on.

Caffeine is gone – the kids didn’t have any caffeine anyway – which is torture because the time I really need caffeine is when I don’t sleep well. Not wanting to start a vicious caffeine and no sleep cycle, I’m holding out, not even driving near a Peet’s or Starbucks for fear of being lured in with the lie of getting a decaf.

We aim to get to bed on time. We’re not nappers, so our sleep isn’t being impacted by trying to make up our sleep deficit. Last night, exhausted, I got into bed early, but still couldn’t sleep until late. It’s so bad that I nearly fell asleep on Caltrain yesterday, which is just trashy. My son said it sounded like a bar in there, and while I don’t know how he knows what a bar sounds like, he was right because beer bottles were clinking and everyone was loud, yet I was nodding off.

Tonight, we’re aiming to scale things back by 30 minutes. This transition is going to take a long time and even though school starts in September, I don’t know if we’ll be ready.

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