It’s a Space Odyssey at Camp Galileo

This week I visited Camp Galileo’s Almaden location while my son attended as a Supernova.  It’s the last week of Camp G at this location for the summer and our second to last year before my son ages up into Summer Quest.  I dropped in to get a sneak peak of what the rest of the parents will see get to see on Friday during Closing Ceremonies.  And boy, am I glad I did.

IMG_3109Shaving Cream Moons.

What Kindergartner wouldn’t want to play with shaving cream?  Nebula art was adorable. Adorably adorable.  And a classroom of shaving cream moons smells absolutely wonderfully clean.   Hands-on space themed art is perfect for little bodies.

I love how the classrooms don’t have chairs.  The kids have  So they can walk around, stand up, sit on tables, or the floor.  There is no pencil pushing going on here.  It’s creativity from head to toe.


IMG_3073Who needs NASA to built a rover? Camp G kids can build their own!

In Supernova Science, the third through fifth graders are making their own space rovers.  Kids were troubleshooting their wheels today and adding their circuit “engines” to their balsa wood bodies.  Each rover was unique and hand crafted.  They’ve been working on them all week.  Tomorrow, they will put them to the test.  It gave my son great inspiration for when he can finally take Go-Karting in Summer Quest.


IMG_3088One man’s recyclables is a mountain of treasure.

In the Star science classroom, I found this giant box of stuff just waiting to be picked up and re-purposed into a something magical.  It’s creative innovation in its simplest form.  Those straws are rockets just waiting for wings. Pipe cleaners can be used for anything.  It’s the elementary school version of thinking outside the box.



Because we all need to hear that we’re great, right?

One of my favorite things about Camp G has always been at pick-up when the Team Leaders say something positive about your kid’s day while you sign out.  But seeing that positivism run through the entire camp culture was like having your heart grow three sizes.  At the end of each class, campers sat down to listen to encouraging words from their teachers.  Kids who were Determined, Creative, Reflective, and yes, even Courageous received a “high-five.”


Getting to spend just an hour in the camp made me wish that I could have a camp experience like this.  Seriously, Galileo… let’s make a camp for parents. I’m so proud to be a Galileo parent for all these years.  It was fitting that this week’s theme of Space tied in with Galileo’s groups.  He started as a Nebula, became a star, and grew into a Supernova.  He’s been learning and growing in space all week long.  And I can’t wait to see how that fully evolves next year with Summer Quest.

Disclosure: Galileo Learning and I have worked together on a series of posts in exchange for a free week of camp.  Since my son was an entering Kindergartner, we have been a part of the Camp Galileo family.  I’ll be paying for additional weeks at camp because my son loves it that much.

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