I Need an Amazon Prime Intervention

amazonRight after I had my third baby…or maybe it was right before…I can’t remember when…I signed up for a trial for Amazon Prime.  The biggest perk was also signing up for Amazon Mom.  The combination was getting discounts on regular diaper delivery and free two-day shipping.  There are other perks too like free movies and tv shows, but it was getting diapers and wipes delivered to my door that sealed the deal.

Every week since I’ve made multiple purchases with my Prime account.  There was the order for new pacifiers when baby girl refused to use the hand me down ones from her big brother.  There was an order for crib sheets when I noticed the old ones were ripped at the seams.  There was a rush for swim goggles for my eldest child’s racing team.  I’ve ordered birthday presents for kids.  Thank you notes for all the baby gifts.  Disposable plates and forks for a party.  A new rug for the baby’s room.

And, yes, many orders of diapers and wipes.

Most of my purchases happen at 5 a.m. when I’m feeding the baby.  All that sleep deprivation is clearly a trigger for spontaneous shopping.  And don’t even get me started on the “Buy Now” button.  That button is dangerous.  Dangerously dangerous.

Our UPS man and I are nearly on a first name basis.  It’s starting to get embarrassing.  There seems to be a brown box arriving nearly every day.  I think its time for an intervention.  I need some time away from Amazon Prime.  I need a break.  But then I see that we are out of Windex and Swiffer pads.  And it’s just so tempting to pull up the app on my phone and order what I need in just a few clicks.

Oh, Amazon Prime… why do you have to be so easy?

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