Finding Self-Esteem at Raging Waters

swimLike most moms, I dread the bathing suit season of summer.  Three kids.  Need I say more?  I have stretch marks longer than my newborn.  I’m flabby.  I’m whiter than white.  Shaving my legs is a luxury in my beauty regime that pretty much only consists of brushing my teeth and, if I remember, putting on deodorant.

Bathing suits were clearly created by a mysoginist.  Or the devil himself.

This year, I decided to get season passes for the family to Raging Waters.  It’s perfect for my sun worshipping, water loving boys.  But it requires me to put on a bathing suit.

At first, I hated the idea.  While I know that I just had a baby three months ago, the rest of the world (minus those on Facebook) don’t.  While the dark circles under my eyes can be hidden by my sunglasses, there’s no hiding my post-baby belly.  Turns out, at Raging Waters, no one really cares.

Go and take a look around at Raging Waters.  You’ll see bombshell bikini bodies.  You’ll also see awkward teenagers who are practically fully clothed.  You’ll see women with worse bodies than mine in bikinis.  You’ll see moms wearing swim shirts and riding the slides with their kids.  You’ll see the teen boy with more pimples on his back than his face.  You’ll see it all. The good, the bad, the out of shape.

And you’ll also see that everyone is just there to have a good time.  No one is paying special attention to this mom of three kids wearing a sarong to try to tastefully cover up.  Every once in a while some mom will tell me that I look great for just having a baby.  I totally know they’re lying.  But I’m also realizing that my self-esteem shouldn’t be wrapped up in how I look in a bathing suit.  That might have been par for the course when I was 15.

But now?  Now my self is more concerned with making sure that I don’t lose or drown any of my kids during a day at Raging Waters.  Or commit the ultimate sin… forgetting to sunscreen their little noses.

So thank you, Raging Waters, for reminding me that it’s more important to be a good mom than it is to be a MILF.

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