Going Grey

goawaygreyTwo years ago, I decided to grow out my “mom bob” and have long locks again.  Without regular haircuts, my hair coloring regime was in jeopardy.  I already knew from painful experience that coloring my hair myself wasn’t an option.  With my thick hair, it took three bottles of the home stuff to saturate my hair plus what must have been a million gallons of water to rinse it.  This time, I decided that I would be brave enough to find out my natural hair color.  It was a perfect time to end the rat race of hair color.  I thought I was ready to embrace my natural hair color, whatever my natural hair color may be.

I colored my hair for the first time when I was 15 years old.  My blond hair was quickly turning dishwater brown.  I convinced my mom, a bottle blond herself, that I really did need highlights.  In college, I began experimenting with all sorts of “natural” hair colors.  I was a red head.  I tried those horrible chunky highlights. And once I learned the hard, expensive way that black was definitely not the hair color for me.

Fast forward nearly twenty years and I’ve still been dying my hair. I have no idea how much I’ve spent in those twenty years.  It’s probably the equivalent of our nation’s gross national product.  I probably could have bought a giant mansion in Palo Alto with all the money I’ve spent on my hair through the years.  So the ” no color” resolution I put forth two years ago was an easy decision.

Or so I thought.

I’ve started finding *gasp* grey hairs.  When I decided to embrace my natural hair color, which turns out to be a nice auburn by the way, I wasn’t prepared that I might be faced with grey.  I’m not old enough for grey.  I’m not mature enough for grey.  My mother is still a bottle blond at age 63. I can’t possibly go grey before my mother, can I? Could I, in my thirties, embrace the grey?  But if I started coloring my hair again, would I be signing up for at least another twenty years?

My grey hairs haven’t taken over my head just yet.  Right now, I consider them my “natural highlights.”  But I know that I’ll have to decide soon if I’m truly ready to go grey.

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