Goal Setting to Survive Summer With More Than a Tan

GoalSettingLogo-WEB-big1I’m a planner and a goal-setter which holds true regardless of season. Last week I asked the kids about their goals for the summer. One groaned and said to have playdates with a certain friend, while the other said his dream was to watch TV and play video games in the SAME DAY. I didn’t push beyond that, choosing to focus on myself instead.

I have a list of goals, mostly organizational or work things that I’ve been putting off, but they are still there, listed as concrete proclamations of what I want to accomplish before September arrives. Who cares if it is as silly as “design new business cards”? Eyes on the prize because those business cards aren’t going to fall out of the air. I make lists of goals because I like lists, but also because at my age, I need reminders. Starting next week, my kids are on a regular camp schedule that keeps my days as open as a school day. Actually, better than a school day because I was wise enough to sign up for after care. Right now, without camp, I feel like I am muddling through, always forgetting what I am supposed to be doing. The interruptions, the excess noise, the desire to sit around with them are all things contributing to my lack of focus. As a devout list-making, I breakdown my summer goals into action items each week or else I’ll fall into a trap of procrastinating until late August when it’s too easy to say forget it. The list making may be a sickness.

The list of summer goals began when I was young when one of my high school aged summer goals was to lay out poolside for 30 minutes a day. My dream was to return to school looking slightly less leathery than the New Jersey tanning bed mom. I don’t think that goal lasted for more than one day and I returned to school with my perpetual farmer’s tan (which I now call “ombre tan”). My kids don’t carry this need to list and set goals. Two years ago I talked one into setting the summer goal of learning to ride a bike, and the other into improving reading. Little surprise, it was the child with the reading goal who learned to ride a bike.

The good news is that the one child was allowed to watch TV and play video games in the same day, making his summer complete. I’m off to organize papers for one hour, with an egg timer and all, to keep on point.

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