On the Eve of Summer, Ready to Shed School

cubbyToday is the last full day of school for my kids before summer kicks off tomorrow at 12:31 p.m. I’m torn between burning through a long to-do list or heading to bed with a book to enjoy the last quiet time I’ll have for awhile. Okay, the book thing isn’t possible, and while I tend to panic over the loss of kid-free time, the kids will be in camp until the end of July, which means I can postpone the panic until then. All of my focus has been on getting us through Wednesday, with school events, extra items needed (today is pajama day and my son had to bring enough stuff that it appeared he was camping for a few days), and coordinating a post-school celebration with friends for tomorrow afternoon, that I cannot imagine what Thursday and beyond will bring. Summer is wide open and full of possibilities.

While I hate the extreme heat, I love summer. I love the break from school and routines, and how that forces us into a different crowd of people, meeting new friends, and having new experiences. We used to continue on with our school’s summer camp, but leaving that to try new things was a great decision. The world became a wee bit bigger. I call it our school hiatus, and it makes returning in September that much more enjoyable. Everything is new again and we are refreshed and ready.

Other than through camp, we don’t participate in summer sports, and other extracurriculars halt, too, which means no more congested evenings with practice or early mornings with before-school classes. It’s time for a long overdue break from it all. We’re ready for exploring, endless Lego play, and swimming at the grandparents’ house. I’m ready to not drive school carpool and coordinate activities. We’ll see our school friends over the summer, but only a little, and in a way that allows for some growth, especially for a pre-teen girl in need of some space.

Tomorrow we’ll usher in the summer with milkshakes, and it’s not a moment too soon.

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