My Latest Splurge: The Blow Out

blowoutAlright, y’all, I have a confession to make. For years, I’ve been the one-night stand queen of salon visits. I’d get a cut and color and whether I like or love it, I somehow never end up returning. Groupon has been my enabler. I haven’t seen the same hair stylist, thanks to their hair cut deals, for at least two years.  I tried to be monogamous with a hair stylist when I had shorter hair.  But since I’ve grown it out long and stopped coloring it, I don’t need a cut all that often.  When I finally do decide to get the cut, I want it today and not have to fit into a stylists schedule.

I have thick hair.  Super thick hair.  Hair that makes most people jealous.  But it requires a lot of work.  I don’t have wash and wear hair.  It requires serious styling.  The blow dryer, hot rollers, and the flat iron are both my best friends and worst enemies.  I hate styling my hair.  I hate taking the time to style my hair.  Enter my latest Groupon obsession: the blow out deal.

After getting my first blow out at Drywalk in Los Gatos, I’ve been obsessed with blow outs.  That blow out was a life changing experience for my beauty regime.  I’ll gladly wear closed-toe  flats all summer long to move my pedicure budget into my blow-out budget.  I’ve contemplated how I can justify their monthly membership once I return to work in August.  Would I be willing to give up the housekeeper to pay for weekly blow outs?  I don’t know… I just  might.  No one sees my toilets as often as they see my hair.

Up until my sweet grandma passed away this winter, she had her hair washed and set every week circa 1950s style.  I used to think that my grandma was so silly for going to the beauty shop every week for a shampoo.  Now I know that she was a visionary.  We need to bring back the weekly blow out.  It’s my latest splurge.  And it’s as game changing as the shellac nail polish, girls!

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