Got a Newborn? There’s a App for That!

newborn babyHaving a newborn is exhausting!  I’m up every couple of hours to feed and diaper and cuddle your newborn baby.  With constant feedings and changes, I find that all of it bleeds into one giant blur in my head.  I can’t remember if I fed the baby at two o’clock or half past three.

In the first week as you deal with latch issues or count the number of wet diapers, you’ll find yourself writing everything down on little pieces of paper.  When my second was a newborn, he had jaundice.  At daily check-ups, I would have to give every detail about the number of feedings, how long I breastfeed at each feeding, how much formula was supplemented, and how many soiled diapers we changed.  My spouse and I would take notes on a piece of paper, often times not being able to find the paper when we needed it or having to turn on lights to be able to write.

Welcome to the iPhone app world!

When I was in the hospital waiting to be induced, I began researching newborn apps.  I was pleasantly surprised to find many.  I downloaded a couple to try out while we were still in the hospital and ended up settling on SmallNest.  I liked the simplicity of the interface.  With a free app only giving you access to the last 24 hours of information, it works well for me.  Most of the time your doctor wants to just know how many feedings, pumping, diapers, or sleep over the last 24 hours.  You can pay to have three months of data at your fingertips.  But in three months, I won’t have to closely monitor the hours between feedings or make sure that my baby has enough wet diapers to avoid dehydration.

I love that I can monitor my newborn’s habits on my phone.  While my baby may nearly always be in my arms, my phone is nearly always in my hand.

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