Family Friendly Screening of Monsters University this Weekend in Redwood City

imgresThose with toddlers or babies, or maybe those with kids overwhelmed by a regular movie feature with loud noises and tons of previews have an option this weekend to see Monsters University during two family-friendly showings in Redwood City. At 10 a.m. this Saturday and Sunday, Century 20 in downtown Redwood City will show the movies with the lights on, volume lowered, and previews removed to make it easier for kids to make it through a full length movie. The showings are not being advertised to ensure that only those sensitive to children’s needs attend the family screening, which means there shouldn’t be any angry adults telling kids to hush and everyone will understand that sometimes kids change seats mid-show for no good reason.

When my kids were tiny, I had wished the Redwood City theater would run family friendly screenings. The theater is nice, and parking is easy, but there was a long time where my kids weren’t ready for a regular screening. We saw Monsters University on opening day during a normal showing last week, and it was great, but we had to sit through 30 minutes (yes, 30!) of previews before the film began. The kids behind us talked a bit throughout the movie, and while their mom would remind them to stay quiet, their commentary was hilarious. Sitting surrounded by other families made me less self conscious when my son got scared and wanted to bolt the theater, but not all showings are filled with understanding moms and dads, which is why the family screening are important. Hopefully family friendly movie screenings will continue in Redwood City. Sometimes it is the only way for young families to make it to the movies.

The doors open at 9:30 a.m. and tickets are $7.25 for all ages, except babies under one year, who are free.

For the record, Monsters University wasn’t scary, but it was a little stressful at one point and my seven year old has never been able to handle that well. He is known for needing to go to the bathroom at tense moments. Later, he explained that he was worried Sully and Mike would be touched and harmed by human children, forgetting that in Monsters, Inc. we learn that human children are not a toxic threat to the monsters. Once the conflict was over, he was back to enjoying the movie.

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