Using Kid-Free Time To Work on House Projects, Is it Wrong?

imagesI learned to use a drill! This is exciting and kind of embarrassing all at once because drills aren’t all that complicated. First, I drill some holes in a planted. Easy peasy. Then I attached an outdoor chalkboard to our fence. That time I hurt myself, not enough for a Band-Aid, but enough not to feel cocky about my drilling skills.

My hands are coated in paint, my hair is a mess, and I am exhausted. The crazy thing is that my kids are away for Spring Break, and while I should feel rested and calm, my long to-do list is full of checked off items. Am I doing this wrong?

My husband asked me yesterday what my plans were for the day, our first kid-free day in a long time. His eyes glazed over as I rattled off numerous items. I think he’d hoped I’d say, “Sleep in, go out to brunch, read, and maybe nap.” That’s not me, but I kind of wish it was. All I can think of is the things that need to get done, sooner rather than later, and that the kid free time is the best time to focus on a project. I can put aside time during the school day, but things always pop up, like things needed at the store, maybe we’re out of milk, or else the simple interruption of 3 p.m. It’s impossible to get the big tasks done. Which brings me to today. I worked this morning, then spent the afternoon alternating between painting and cleaning. My only outing was to Home Depot, which isn’t remotely like Burke Williams.


It’s still a break, even with the work. No one fighting, complaining about going to practice, or asking what’s for dinner. Not to mention, it is the great reminder of how much one can accomplish without compulsively checking Facebook. I learned to drill, after all. Next time, though, I’m scheduling a day of nothing.

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