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ADHD-Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder-620x220Get parenting advice in podcast form. Like all parents I know, I have shelves of books covering everything from diapers to dating, which in itself is one of the books. All were purchased with great intentions, and generally with a side of worry about some issue or another, but most sit partially read, never to be opened again by me for one reason: there is no time. At the end of the day, when I finally have time to read, I often don’t have the focus to dive into a parenting book, which is why podcasts are a great alternative. Podcasts lend themselves to multitasking – listen while driving, while making dinner, or if me, while trying to fall asleep.

The First 5 program of Santa Clara County is using free podcasts to help answer tricky parenting issues on issues from ADHD, kindergarten readiness, how to handle aggressive preschoolers, picky eaters, and more in their ongoing podcast series using experts and first hand stories. This week, a new podcast will be addressing bullying with the approach that stopping bullying behavior early on – even in preschool – helps prevent bigger bullying issues as kids get older, and hopefully stop tragic outcomes.

The First 5 name is known, but I’ll admit not really knowing the scope of the program until recently. When I had a newborn, I was given a First 5 VHS tape on my way out of the hospital, which I quickly pitched into the trash, not only because VHS may as well been an 8-Track tape, but I had a naive bias. I knew not to shake or hit my baby, fill her bottle with Coca-Cola, or leave her unattended in a car. This program is not aimed at me, I thought, but looking over the program now, especially the podcasts, I see tons of information that would have helped or questions I asked myself. Now that my baby is a preteen, I wish they’d add a second and third 5 program because this is when the path to success gets really tricky.

For more parenting resources from First 5 Santa Clara County, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, where, for example, included tips for limiting media exposure for children last week. Help spread the word to other parents, who like me, may not understand the depth of the First 5 program.

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