Boosting Global Health With Shot@Life’s Global Mom Relay

campaigns-shotatlifeNot to be all dramatic about it, even though it is pretty dramatic: you can save a life from your seat, right in front of your computer. This week, from now until May 3, is the Shot@Life‘s turn on the Global Mom Relay, and by simply sharing the daily post on their website, the Johnson & Johnson and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $5 to the Shot@Life campaign. While $5 barely covers a drink at Starbucks, it is enough to give one child polio and measles protection for life. And no one is asking you to give up your coffee in exchange.

A child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that is preventable by vaccine. Vaccines are part of the standard check ups for my kids, and while it’s a pain to get them to their appointments and hear them complain about having to get a shot, this is nothing compared to third world countries where mothers walk with their children for days to reach a vaccine dispensary. This isn’t about choice because they have made their choice, but it is about helping those who want to vaccine their children.

Not vaccinating was never an option for my children. My grandmother died a brutal death due to polio before my father was two years old. Polio is real to me. There is a reason it happens somewhere else: the U.S. is largely vaccinated against it, but in countries where it persists, more vaccines are needed. My kids are vaccinated against polio, and any mother who wants to have her child vaccinated, should be able to do so. This horrible disease is very close to being eradicated, and with a little more work, it will be. Get to the UN Foundation and share posts this week. If you start now, YOU can spare four children from polio and measles and give them the same shot at life as your children.

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