When is the Time to Hire a Cleaning Person?

RetroCleaningBroomGraphicsFairyIn the past, had I asked myself the question of when to hire a cleaning person, I would have answered, “IMMEDIATELY!” Yet now, nine months after being without our cleaning person, I’m wondering if we should start up again or hold off.

The reason we stopped was due to a major remodel that’s ending this week. It was the perfect way to end a long, difficult relationship with our cleaning lady that needed to end, remodel or not. The remodel is ending and we’ve been cleaning up after ourselves in a finished house, and while it’s not a problem now, cleaning the bathroom floors is already becoming a burden. Having a cleaning person was awesome because the harder stuff, like the bathroom cleaning, was done regularly regardless of how busy my schedule was. (Or it was cleaned in theory, but that gets into why we needed to change our cleaning person…)

The benefits of a cleaning person: someone else scrubs the bathrooms, vacuums the floors, dusts, wipes down kids’ fingerprints left all over glass, and we had a Friday morning spot, which meant the house was cleaning going into the weekends. The downside: it’s not cheap and we spent so much time cleaning up for the cleaning lady, that it didn’t feel like much of a break. I haven’t missed going to the ATM to make sure we had enough cash to pay the cleaning lady, either.

Hiring a cleaning person is more effective than seeing a marriage counselor. When we first hired our cleaning person, resentments were high. We had a toddler, which made cleaning beyond picking up toys and Cheerios impossible during the week, leaving my husband to be on full time kid duty during the weekend, while I cleaned the house. It was stressful for everyone. We will definitely go back to having a cleaning person, but do we jump in with someone new right away or do we ride this post-construction stage a little longer? Every nook in our house is filled with construction dust, and while I’m trying to get it all – I just spent 40 minutes sweeping a small room – people keep telling me to hire someone and get it over with.

Right now, I think I’d rather have the construction dust than more people in my home. I’m not looking forward to the cleaning person break in period, where we have to go over everything a few times until it become routine. This means I keep sweeping until I reach the tipping point.

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