Little League Is Slowly Killing Me

little league 2This is my son’s first year in Little League.  He’s a third grader who played one season of YMCA t-ball when he was four.  This year my spouse wanted him to join baseball.  We luckily found a team in the AA level with enough of his school friends to make baseball seem like a great idea.  We signed up in November and I quickly forgot all about baseball.

Fast forward these months and now I’m ready to deliver our third baby any day now, my spouse has recently been promoted at work (pulling him away from home even more), and the baseball game and practice schedule has just been delivered.

For the next 8 weeks, there isn’t a single week that has the same schedule.  Last week, we had a baseball game or practice Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  This week we don’t have any baseball until Friday.  The week after has 3 weekdays with games or practice plus both Saturday and Sunday.  Add in my son’s other sport, year-round swimming, and my poor little iPhone calendar has a little black dot on nearly every day of the week. It’s insanity.  We’ve started a new rule for homework too… that the entire week’s packet it all has to be completed on our “early release” day.  It was that or force him to wake up early to do homework before breakfast.  With weekday games that start at 5pm game and end at 7pm, dinner is either at 3:30 or 8:00pm.

How do you baseball parents do it?

For now, I’ve made the promise to my son to attend the games but not the practices.  At least our team mom has just collected money for all the after-game snacks.  My iPhone calendar might melt if I had to add snack days into the calendar too.

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