The Ultimate Summer Camp Planning Calendar is Here

iStock_000017249770XSmall (1)It always comes down to the calendar. Every mom has needed coverage at some time or another, when there is a date or a week where school is out, but work or other commitments continue, leaving this stressful gap that needs to bridged. This most commonly seems to happen in late August, when the usual camps have ended, but school hasn’t begun. Last year, I found myself searching for Bay Area camps with the late August date. I found nothing – I mean, I got a lot of returns, but nothing that properly answered my question. What would be best is if I could click on a calendar date to see what camps are offered that week.

The leg work has been done: ActivityHero has unveiled the ultimate summer camp planning calendar. Available camps are corralled into one place, making it possible to click one of the lonely last weeks of August to see what is offered in your area. Actually, you don’t need to click to see the number, only to see more information about the camps that week. As of right now, the week of Aug. 19 has 28 possible camps, with more additions likely as camps release their summer schedules. A week that I thought had nothing going on, has 28 options nearby.

The calendar is improving, too. In the next few weeks, users will have the option of sharing their calendar with friends. This means that instead of sending out to friend a spreadsheet breaking down your child’s camp schedule in the hopes of coordinating plans, it’s done easily online. As the recent recipient of one of those spreadsheets, it was at once both overwhelming and discouraging – I was lagging in my planning, and while I struggle to stay on top of our own family schedule, having to hang on to a document and double check the schedule of another family was too much. I can’t want to look at the same information in calendar form to find overlapping or conflicting plans.

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Helping parents to find and book summer camps is ActivityHero’s purpose. It’s free for parents, and they help keep costs down by reminding users of available camp discounts. Even better is a limited time opportunity to win a free week of camp, in either the Bay Area or in Philadelphia. Parents can enter to win a free week of technology a Lego camp (worth over $350), from TechKnowHow camps, with 19 locations in SF Bay Area, or Lavner Tennis Camp (worth $450) with 11 locations around Philadelphia by simply entering at nd Act fast, as winners will be chosen Feb. 28.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ActivityHero. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. February 8, 2013
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