DIY Lego Brick Valentine Box

lego valentine boxMy 8.5 year old son pretty much hates Valentine’s Day.  He loves the chocolate and the candy, like all kids.  But he can.not.stand the hearts and the frills and the “will you be my valentine?” stuff that comes with it.  He’s not one for outward displays of affection.  Valentine’s Day has become too mushy for my non-mushy kid.

So color me perplexed when the teacher sent home a notice saying that the kids would have to create their own Valentine mailboxes for school.  This is first year in which the making of the mailbox wouldn’t be a class project.  I was stumped.  My anti-Valentine Third Grader would never agree to a shoe box covered in hearts and doilies.  So I naturally turned to Pinterest and found a cute, non-Valentine-y Lego-brick inspired mailbox.  This was perfect for my Lego-loving kid who is giving Lego-themed valentines to his classmates.

If your Lego loving child needs to create a mailbox for Valentine’s Day, this DIY project is easy and cheap.  My son loved it so much that we plan on making more for fun storage in his room.

DIY Lego Valentine Mailbox

What You Need:

  • Shoe box
  • 6 red Solo Cups
  • Spray paint Primer
  • Spray paint (we used green because we already had that can in the garage)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • An exacto-knife (to cut the slit on the top)


First, cut the red solo cups to size.  We found that the bottom notch on the cup was just about right and made it easy to keep our cuts straight.  On Pinterest, folks suggested using Dixie cups.  My real-life artist father decided that the dixie cups were too small and not the right scale.  Place on top of your shoe box lid and mark where your slit can be made.

Second, make your mailbox slit using the exacto-knife.  This should be an adult-only job.  If you are just making Lego storage boxes, skip this step.

Third, using craft glue (because it is thicker and easier to use for this project), glue on your red solo cups.  Carefully wipe any excess with your finger so you don’t have clumps around the base of each cup.  Let the glue dry.

Fourth, spray your box and lid with spray paint primer.  The primer will cover up the writing on your shoe box (spray paint will never fully cover it on its own).  We did two light coats.  Let dry.

Fifth, spray your box and lid with the spray paint color of your choice.  We did three coats with adequate drying time in between.

Last, stand back and tell yourself how AWESOME this looks.  Get prepared for all the other kids to be very jealous of this awesome Valentine box.

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