Together We are Louder Than Guns

LouderThanGunsSocial media told most of us about Sandy Hook. Twitter and Facebook carry messages and break news faster than the news, and each time, we note how powerful social media can be. It’s about so much more than documenting what you ate for breakfast.

One of the positive responses after Sandy Hook, beyond love flowing to a wounded community, was that people got political about assault weapons, and fought the response from the gun lobby apologists that this is not the time to politicize the issue. But saying “now is not the time for politics” IS a political statement. Denying speech is as political as the speech.

Reasonable people agree that guns in the wrong hands are disastrous, yet it turns out the wrong hands always belong to someone else. No one thinks – or wants to think – that their guns are safe or their child would never use the weapon as unintended. While a sophomore in high school, my classmate killed himself with his dad’s gun. We all share a similar story. Or there is the kid who killed himself during rifle practice during high school P.E. (Clearly that wasn’t California. I didn’t know which was more shocking to me: the death or the organized use of guns at school.) The news is filled with crime in bad neighborhoods that are easy to black out because it’s not in our backyard, but it’s also filled with awful stories where a gun goes off accidentally, resulting in a parent killing their own child or sibling.

Guns are not something to be celebrated. They may be used for hunting, protection, and they may have served us well in the wild west. Those are not assault rifles, but then, all guns are designed to kill.

We’re joining The Chicago Moms and MomsLA to make sure that this issue does not fade away until the next tragedy occurs. Let’s not forget the sadness and outrage we felt in mid-December, and the many other times we heard of random, senseless shootings. For the next month, we will post once a weekly about gun control as we remind ourselves and the world that mothers are #LouderThanGuns. And it’s not going to be exactly what you think; it will include the perspective of a mom living in a home with guns.

Please join us. It’s long been joked that if moms ruled the world, things would be different. It’s no joke. Marketing departments of companies big and small realize our power. It’s time that politicians and lobbyists do too.

To join in, post about gun control next Monday. We will too, and if you leave a comment with your link on any of our gun control posts, we will help you promote it through our network. Please follow #LouderThanGuns on Google+, Facebook, and using the #LouderThanGuns hashtag on Twitter. Please share. If you don’t have a blog, help spread the word on Facebook or at school pick up. The more, the mightier!

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