No Shoe Rack Needed: My Kids Only Wear One Pair

6a00d8341cccbf53ef0163037cfcc0970d-450wiMy kids each have one pair of shoes, well, two if you count flip flops, but I don’t during the winter. This leads to my kids wearing the most thrashed and dirty shoes, even when they are fairly brand new, much to my great embarrassment.

My kids’ shoes seem to take on some sort of lovey status – they could have many pairs, but they’d still only wear the one they loved the most. It’s like a security blanket for their feet. I stopped buying more than one pair because it seems like a waste, and they agree. When I try to buy them a second pair, they refuse, even when it’s a second pair of the same shoes.

The problem is mostly mine because I’m embarrassed by the look of the shoes. When you wear something every day through the mud, up trees, and while taking great leaps, they get destroyed fast. My son’s shoes were brand new just before Christmas but they look like he’s worn them on a cross country hike. He will only give up shoes when they become hopelessly broken or too tight. My daughter will hold on until she loses a shoe.

The one pair plan doesn’t work when something goes wrong. Briefly yesterday, my daughter was having problems with the sole of her shoes, which left the options of flip flops or cleats. She made the shoe work and refused to go shopping after school for a second pair. This is the same kid who lost a pair at school when in kindergarten, only to have them dug up years later. My son looks a little funny playing basketball in slip on Vans while his teammates have lace up high tops, but he insists.

I wonder if this will change, especially for my daughter, as they get older. While most people would say yes, knowing these two, I’m inclined to say no.

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