Is It Girl Scout Cookie Season?

cookiesIt feels like it was 100 years ago, but I was once a Girl Scout.  I remember hitting the pavement with our neighbor, Summer, to sell Girl Scout cookies door to door.  The adult members of my family also brought the cookie order form to their work where I’d make another killing in cookie sales.  There was more than one year where I was the top earner for our troop.  I was an excellent cookie sales girl.

Fast forward 100 years to now and I barely noticed that it was Cookie Season.  A few friends had written posts on Facebook about ordering; one even making a special order to send overseas to the troops.  No one knocked on our door, even though I know for a fact that we have at least three Girl Scouts on our block.  I haven’t seen the girls lined up outside the grocery store yet, so I suppose this is the pre-ordering push of the season… the hard sell will come in a few more weeks, perhaps?

I get that the perceptions of neighborhoods and safety and, yes even to some extent, the two-income household who isn’t home until dinnertime has possibly changed the way our local Girl Scouts sell cookies.  Perhaps parents find it easier to devote three hours on one Saturday in front of Safeway than going door to door to have to *gasp* actually talk to your neighbor.

Now that I work from home, I don’t even get to see dads (its always the dads) bring in their daughter one afternoon to sell cubical by cubical.  The last time that happened, I ended up buying an entire case… my two box rule for any Girl Scout who personally asks me was put to the test that year when six dads all had the same idea.  I brought a box of cookies to my toughest meetings; making me the best Project Manager ever for a few months.

For years, I’ve held onto my old fashioned ways.  I don’t buy from the girls at the store, I only buy from the girls who knock on my door.  We live in a safe neighborhood.  We have sidewalks and street lamps.  Our kids all go to the same school.  I’ve found the grocery-store method to be lazy for the troop and inconvenient for me.  I never have cash at the store, rarely my check book either.

But this year, not a single adorable girl in her Girl Scout vest has rang our bell and sweetly asked, “Would you like to order some Girl Scout cookies?”  So I’m left either with belly empty of those delicious treats or I must go against my old fashioned belief and buy some at the store like every other crack cookie addict.  At least a few Thin Mints will make that decision easier to swallow.

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