Back to School Advice from a Slacker Mom

take out boxI’ve found it a little strange to read from so many friends on Facebook about just how sad they are that school is beginning again. Really?  After two weeks of battling strep throat, pink eye, and one head cold after another, I can’t wait for school to start.  We are are finally healthy.  The kids are still not sharing their new Christmas toys.  I’m tired of stepping on lego pieces and matchbox cars.  Yesterday, I finally threatened to vacuum it all up after I stepped on a Halo minifigure that actually cut the bottom of my foot.

I made the mistake of heading to Costco and Safeway on Sunday for grocery shopping.  BIG MISTAKE.  Everyone and their mother was there getting items for lunch and dinner.  It rivaled the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Again, I overheard so many conversations of moms saying they are sad that break is coming to an end.  REALLY?  I can’t wait for school to start tomorrow.  I’ve got my son’s uniform all ready to go.  No more hearing “I’m bored” when he has 15 new toys from family.  No more begging him to read a book or brush his teeth.

If you are like me and are excited about school returning or are on the fence about the whole thing, I have a little slacker mom advice for you.

  1. Don’t pack a lunch; send lunch money. Why stress over lunches when your school has a cafeteria?  Sign up for hot lunch for the first day or two.  Give yourself a break and your kid a treat.  It’s one less thing to do on the first day back.
  2. Make breakfast simple.  There’s no need to have Back to School Pancakes.  This isn’t the first day of school after summer break.  Your kids had 2 weeks off.  Big whoop.  Get out the cereal and toast.  Or start a new morning routine – get your kids to make their own breakfast.  That’s a life skill there (and something we are working on with our 8.5 year old).
  3. Get clothes ready the night before.  This way, when your kid freaks out that his favorite shirt is dirty, you can have the battle the day before school rather than the morning of.  Or maybe you’ll be nice and wash it for him while he’s asleep.  Or maybe you won’t. Either way, you save yourself the tears and the yelling and the hair pulling at 7am.
  4. Order take out for dinner. Getting back into the homework routine after a 2-week hiatus may put a major dent in your sanity. So order take out for dinner and give yourself the night off. If you make steamed rice to go with your Chinese food, then it still counts as making dinner.

And remember, now matter how tempting it may be… the school will frown if you only come to a rolling stop to let your kids out of the car in the morning.

It’s back to school!  Raise your coffee mug to 2013!


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