To Holiday Card or Not

This is probably the only time of year that I can’t wait for my mailman to arrive.  The rest of the year, the only mail he delivers is bills, junk mail, and supermarket ads.  But December is filled with magic when we get a daily dose of holiday cards from friends and family.

I love getting the cards.  I especially love when folks write lengthy letters highlighting all of their accomplishments, no matter how big or small.  There’s something so narcissistic about the holiday letter that I’m always fascinated.  The wanna-be psychologist in me starts to analyze… What message were they actually sending with those photos and card design?  Writing 2 pages (double-sided!) about how Johnny made the baseball Allstars and how Greg got a big promotion at work and how the whole family is just so.incredibly.happy.and.wonderful.and.perfect always makes me feel better.  I have a theory that those that sing their own praises the loudest must have the worst situation going on.  Those of us who are brutally honest on our blog or Facebook or in real life about how our husband drives us crazy or how we threw the keyboard mouse at our kid when he snuck up on you wearing headphones in your office don’t need the saccharin sweet holiday card.

For the last two years, I have promised myself that I will create and mail a holiday card.  For the last two years, I’ve put it off to the very last minute to ultimately decide that while it usually better to give than receive… I’d much rather receive a holiday card than send it. This year, I know I still have time to send cards… especially if I use a service like Silicon Valley local Tiny Prints where they’ll mail my cards for me at no additional charge (except the cost of postage).  But considering that I haven’t bought a single Christmas gift yet, I may have to settle on Happy New Year cards.

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