Peralta Junction Project: Casual Circus-like Fun in Oakland

This veers a little outside of our Silicon Valley bubble, but it sounds fun enough for a visit, especially if you have to be passing through the East Bay. For this month, Peralta Junction is a little pop up creative community space, with art for kids, a life sized Mousetrap (remember Maker Faire), movies, music, and diy demonstrations. Snack on some free popcorn while taking it all in and letting the kids have fun.

It began last month when a group of local artists temporarily took over a weed-filled vacant lot at Mandela Parkway and West Grand to turn it into a vibrant, fun space for community enjoyment. If the project turns successful, the creators hope to turn it into a five year program using shipping containers and micro-retail space.

After a summer trip to Portland, my family and I were impressed with their use of vacant lots as thriving indie food courts. The atmosphere was funky (in a good way), the food was amazing, and the experience was fun. We’re hopeful the Peralta Junction Project can be the start of that in the Bay Area.

It’s slated to end Nov. 30, so don’t delay before checking it out.

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