Not Ready for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has never been my cup of tea.  While I love to online window shop, I don’t make many purchases online.  I prefer brick and mortar stores where I can touch fabrics, play with electronics, and talk shop with store employees.  On occasion, I will take what I’ve learned and go online to find a better deal.  But most time, I’m happy to buy somewhere local where my family, should they need to, can make a return or exchange with ease.

But my biggest reason for not getting into Cyber Monday is that I work.  For years, I worked in an office where shopping on Amazon or Best Buy just wasn’t possible.  After the long weekend of Thanksgiving, my day was usually filled with lots of meetings and an inbox full of email.  There wasn’t time to shop online… there was barely time for lunch.

For the last few years, I’ve worked from home but the habit has already been set.  On Cyber Monday I was just grateful my kid was back in school and that I had a little peace and quiet.  This year, we are in the midst of moving. So today was spent packing up boxes and facing the reality that we’ve hoarded a ton of stuff.  The last thing I wanted to do today was get online and order more stuff.  Instead, I’m trying to figure out how we can get rid of some of the stuff we already own.

With the move, I wish I could get into Cyber Monday.  Having everything shipped to our new house sounds like a dream.  But I’m not ready for Christmas.  I’m not ready for holiday shopping.  Our tree and ornaments are buried under boxes in the garage.  I need the whole world to stand still for a week so I can pack, move, and unpack.   Then I’ll be ready for Cyber Monday.

Think I can convince Amazon to allow a do-over next week?

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