The Debate Over Halloween Candy is Silly

Should we give out candy or something else this Halloween? I’ve been watching the debate on Facebook over this issue and have shook my head over the craziness of it.

It is one day out of the year. Don’t ruin everything for kids. Let them have their candy. 

Trinkets are landfill and while candy is full of evil sugar and corn syrup, not a lot of kids eat all of their candy. Those on the anti-candy side point their fingers at childhood obesity and sugar consumption as reasons they don’t want to hand out sweets. If your children are like mine, they don’t get much candy on a regular basis. Candy is for special occasions, and Halloween is one of those occasions.

Like many parenting debates, this is more about the parents then the children. Take your issues out of this, and give out a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (or whatever, but Reese’s are the best), and let the kids rejoice. Friday afternoon, when their attention wanes, quietly cut down on their candy or find another way to encourage them to give up their candy on their own (the Halloween witch still shows up at our home every Halloween night to turn candy – about two-thirds of their loot – into books). Limit how much they can have, if you wish, but don’t deny it all.

Don’t be the house that gives our pencils or raisins. It’s been nearly 30 years since I trick-or-treated for myself, but I can still point out the homes in my parents’ neighborhood that gave out raisins or pencils. Don’t be that house, the killjoy house that makes kids feel like it was a waste to walk up the driveway. There is nothing like having a six year old hate you and be right.

Don’t ruin Halloween. Let them eat candy.

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