Leaving Behind a Dossier to Care for the Kids

Leaving for two nights, three days required over a week of preparation just to address childcare. My kids are in elementary school, and my husband was staying back with them, which meant leaving for a business trip didn’t require a six page print out including a medical release and strategic plan of each day, broken down in 30 minute increments. Still, extra care was needed, and activities didn’t end, which required some planning.

Of course, this trip came during a half week of half days for to parent-teacher conferences, and school ended at 12:30 p.m. instead of 3 p.m. Extra childcare was needed, carpool needed to be adjusted, and my husband was responsible for getting the kids to activities, handling a service appointment, and everything else I would have done, on top of his normal day of work. Yes, I do these things in addition to work, but it’s already built into my schedule. I couldn’t have done it without him, and while he knows the drill, it still took a lot of coordination to get me to the airplane.

The work is all worth it not only for the professional experience, and having a hotel room to myself is worth all of the effort on preparation. That is pure heaven.

(I’m visiting Coca-Cola headquarters, and will post more about that next week.)

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