Giveaway: Impress Your Family With Shutterfly Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are fabulous. They’re like a little cherry of awesome on top of my year, bringing cheer and warmth, while maintaining ties to family and friends in a way online connections cannot. I hang each card we receive around the frame of the entry to our family room where they can be enjoyed by us and by guests (including my mom, who tries to read the notes on the inside, too), and while it evolves into a festive holiday display, it’s also clear who put effort into their cards, and who rushed them at the last minute.

While I don’t wait until the last minute, I’m vowing to make one major change this year to improve the process: I’m picking out my card design first, then setting out to get the right portraits of my kids to fit the card. Shutterfly has tons of beautiful cards, and the only hard part for me, after getting over my indecisiveness, is falling in love with a card, only to find that my photos don’t really work with it. Maybe I have mostly vertical shots, and the openings are square, or maybe the colors don’t work with the colors on the card. This year, I’m going to pick our card, visualize how it looks, then get the photos I need to make it happen. Now, if only Shutterfly can get my kids too cooperate.

Shutterfly has a great mix of whimsical to classic designs. I’m drawn to whimsical – how cute is Wishing You Falala? (pictured above) – and I always go for photo cards with multiple spots. I try to show restraint and pick one or two photos, but it’s so hard to just only one photo to sum up our year, and thankfully Shutterfly has awesome multi-photo options.

A few of my favorites include:

All Things Lovely. It’s vintage feel is lovely.

 Frames of Happiness is bright, cheery, and fun. It’s what the holidays are all about.

 Wrapped in Holly is Christmas without overdoing it.

While browsing, I found the card my sister should send out, featuring her new puppy: Wrapped Bone. How cute is that? Using photos really brings cards alive, and if you don’t have kids – or maybe they just didn’t cooperate this year – bust out the animal photos or a picture of yourself on vacation.


Two great reasons not to wait to order your holiday cards:

1. Don’t rush your creative process. Take a moment to pick the card that best represents you this holiday season without feeling like you need to pick the first thing you see because those cards should have been out last week. Ordering early means time to buy stamps, get your list ready, and get them out without rushing to the post office before New Year’s Eve.

2. Great savings are available now! Bookmark the Shutterfly Specials page for use year round. I make photo books year round, and Shutterfly almost always has a special running to lower my costs.

Giveaway: To get you moving on holiday cards, Shutterfly is kindly offering one reader $50 off their total order (not including shipping and cannot be combined with other promos). To enter, leave a comment here with the name of your favorite Shutterfly Holiday Cards by Tuesday, Oct. 29 at noon pst. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by Oct. 30.


Also, if you’re looking for creative ways to display your cards or for other fun DIY things to do with photos, follow Shutterfly on Pinterest for ideas.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. All opinions are my own and are based on many years as a Shutterfly customer.

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