Do Something for Yourself: Get Fit with Ford this Weekend

I love pop up storefronts in San Francisco. Maybe it’s the novelty of something that will only be around briefly, maybe it’s the way they energize a neighborhood, but I’m a sucker for them. I love them all.

Ford is the latest company to set up a San Francisco store front, but they’re doing something you may not expect: kickboxing, not cars. It’s Ford’s Go Further Active Store, and they are offering free classes each day taught by fitness experts. Now is the time to try Crossfit, get out some aggression with kickboxing, or stretch out with yoga. All of the classes are free, and run daily (except Sunday) through next weekend.

Driving can be stressful, and Ford recognizes cars have a connection to wellness. Ford is taking that up by using ergonomic design, efficient and easy use of technology in cars to decrease stress, and they are developing on-the-go health monitors. I have wondered why the machines at my gym can take my pulse, but my steering wheel cannot. Ford wondered the same thing and is working on heart, asthma, allergen, and glucose monitors in the car.

Take some of the yoga techniques from class, like relaxed breathing, to the car. Breathe, stretch your neck, and back, to ease a little stress. One tip from Ford that I plan on trying is lifting the rearview mirror a tad higher than normal, requiring lengthening the spine, and lifting the chest, relieving back tension. Or just remember your awesome kickboxing workout.

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