Refreshed Mex: It’s a Whole New Chevys

Honestly, I liked Chevys well before they made any changes. We used to go regularly, even if only to pick up chips and salsa (you know you can get that to go, right?), but that cut off when our local restaurant was closed. Forced to make our own salsa, we hoped Chevys would rebuild better than ever and the good news is that they have.

Just in time for the start of the school year, Chevys has brought back Kids Eat Free Tuesdays, and they’ve got a new healthy kids menu. Double awesome. We tried out the new menu at Romantic Chevys in Foster City. That’s my unofficial name for it because it’s a really nice restaurant right on the water. If a restaurant other than Chevys was in this location, the meal prices would be sky high, and I appreciate being able to take my kids to a good restaurant in a relaxing location that they, too, find interesting. My kids always scope out the water for small boats or ducks, and this time was no disappointment as there were crew teams, and four kayakers who mistakenly ended up underneath the restaurant near our table. Dinner time is really lovely on the water, and in the many times we’ve visited this Chevys, we’ve only once not been able to get a window seat.

Before the new menu, my kids would get the same thing: a bean burrito for one, and the other would get…this kills me…chicken fingers. It’s like ordering a hamburger at an Italian place. Chicken may still be on the new menu, but the new items were exciting enough to get him to change his order. In fact, he had trouble deciding which one to pick. Each kid ordered a make your own taco, which was a fun treat because it arrived with the chosen meat in their selected tortilla (one got a soft tortilla, the other a crispy tortilla), but the extras were on the side in little bowls. They added as much cheese and as little lettuce as they liked. Both thought this was fabulously hands on, and they loved it. The best part for me: no one picked french fries. My son ate his sides (kids get to pick their sides, my son picked fruit and sweet corn tamalito) before trying the taco. This was noticed by Jason, the general manager, who kindly said he’d be happy to let him try something else if he didn’t like the taco. No need, the boy just hadn’t gotten there yet. The kid ate his own basket of chips with salsa, a full dinner, tortillas from my fajitas, two watermelon lemonades, and double dessert. Normally, this is a kid who barely eats dinner. He loved the new menu. My daughter did too, raving about the taco and the watermelon lemonade (“so light and refreshing!”).

Since we were branching out, my husband and I tried new items too. The tostada salad has been my stand by for many years, but for the first time, I ordered fajitas. I ordered the Lemon-Rosemary Chicken from the limited time menu, while my husband got Garlic Camarones, and both were winners. The watermelon margarita was really, really good. Good enough that, when asked, I regret saying I didn’t want a second.

The kids menu includes a scoop of ice cream in a fried tortilla, which makes Chevys a perennial favorite for my kids. This time they had their cone, but we got a dessert too. Besides the cone, we’ve never gotten a dessert from Chevys. We picked the Ooey-Gooey-Chewy Sundae, and once it arrived at our table, the race was on. My kids had to be told to slow down, but even with their fast start, the size made it easily shared among three of us.

Once we returned home, my husband said that was the best Chevys meal he’s had in a long time. We’ll definitely go back soon, especially before the watermelon margarita moves off the menu to make way for the next seasonal drink. Maybe we’ll hit them up next Tuesday where I can get my drink, and the kids can eat for free.

Chevys deserves another look. You know you love their salsa and kid-friendly atmosphere. Now it’s time to try the new healthy menu items, and don’t forget to check out their specials before you go.

Disclosure: Chevys provided our meal for free, without any conditions on what we had to select or review. All opinions are my own. Writing this up made me crave Chevys enough that we’ll probably go back today.

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