Missing the Closing Ceremonies at Camp Galileo

Last week was my son’s last week of Camp Galileo for this summer. It was also the week of a business trip for me.  I had purposely planned it that way so that my spouse and my support system wouldn’t be stressed. Adding Extended Care (something I will now do every week, regardless of my work schedule) meant there was lots of flexibility in drop off and pick up times. I thought I was being oh so smart by coordinating Camp G with my business trip.  I wasn’t expecting to get oh so sad when I realized that it meant I would be missing the Closing Ceremonies on Friday.

Camp Galileo does something very unique. The campers have Closing Ceremonies every day where they perform skits, cheer on their team, and get to experience what i consider to be an old school, tradition sleep away camp experience. All Camp G needs to add is a campfire and s’mores to duplicate the camp experience of my youth.  Each team comes up with their own unique cheer for the week.  Some are kitchy, some are sweet, all of them are stinkin’ adorable.  My favorite this year had to be the Nebulas (entering Kindergartners) signing a Camp Galileo version of Dynamite.

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes… Singing A-YO… Camp Galileo.”

Every Friday, the parents are invited to the Closing Ceremonies.  We get a glimpse into Camp Galileo and what makes it so special for our kids.  I’ll admit that I have cried at every single closing ceremony.  My son has been a camper since he was entering Kindergarten.  With multiple camps each summer, it adds up to a lot of happy tears.  But more than hearing each group’s cheer, I absolutely love getting to visit the Art and Science classrooms afterwards.  The Lead Art and Science Instructors not only display the kid’s great work, they also walk the parents through what the campers learned, the themes, and the scientific lessons.  I still remember one science instructor a couple years back getting so excited about teaching the kids all about velocity.

On Friday, I watched my (poorly shot) home video of my son at closing ceremonies a few weeks back.  It made me feel like I wasn’t missing it the special event again. Next year, I may think twice before I schedule a business trip and a session at Camp G at the same time.

Disclosure: Galileo Learning has sponsored my son for a week of camp at the Evergreen location in exchange for a series of posts. I have paid in the past, and will continue to pay in the future, for sessions at Camp Galileo. We honestly love the camp. I’ll continue to say that long after our free week is complete.

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