Toys R Us, Babies R Us Have a Fresh Face in Redwood City

The Toys R Us in Redwood City is kind of a flagship store. At least that’s what I think of it. Freshly redesigned and newly re-opened (although it never closed during the remodel), the store is beautiful. From the outside, it looks like Babies R Us and Toys R Us are two different store fronts, but once inside, it’s one great, big store. Buy a pacifier and an action figure, all in one purchase.

It’s perfect for people who have kids straddling both the baby and kid worlds. This is our local Toys R Us store, and when my son was a baby, we’d have to go to Babies R Us to buy whatever it was he needed at the moment, maybe a bottle brush, then out the door, and into Toys R Us, the next store over, to get whatever our daughter needed, maybe it was a gift for a friend’s birthday party. Now we’re squarely in the Toys R Us world, but for those who aren’t yet, this makes shopping much easier.

The new layout is fabulous. It was done efficiently enough that it appears that they have so much more stuff in there than they used to, but it’s not overwhelming. It used to feel like a maze with the electronics off in a corner area with it’s own metal detectors, that it felt dark and unwelcoming. That’s all gone, and everything is put out in a bright and cheery way that makes being there pleasant. Before we’d grab what we needed and go, now I can see us taking time to browse.

The upgrade to integrated Toys R Us/Babies R Us stores spreading, with California having the largest number of side-by-side stores than other states. Toys R Us has been in Redwood City since 1978, which is impressive. The facelift not only boosts Toys R Us, but it improves the look and feel of the entire shopping center. It’s a welcome improvement.

Personally, this is why I love this store:

Name brand variety that other stores don’t carry. We’ll be back for more.

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