The Bathing Suit Twilight Zone

When I received in the invitation to meet Malia Mills at her new store in Los Altos and receive a personal bathing suit fitting, I wouldn’t say that I jumped at the chance.  NO ONE likes trying on bathing suits, right?!? I sucked up and said I would go to the opening and check it out.  Heck, they offered champagne so how bad could it be?  The store is right next to one of my favorite book stores. I figured after I bruised my ego by trying on bathing suits,  I would soothe it by buying a book. Books always fit.

The store bills itself as a space free of swimsuit dread with a “love thy differences” philosophy that celebrates the female body wherever our curves may curve. If you are like me, and most women for that matter, you are probably a different size on top and bottom.  A one size fits all attitude is the exact opposite of what you find walking into the Malia Mills store.  Her line of swim wear comprises predominately of separates, fitting sizes 30AA to 40DDD and 2 to 16. Malia encourages her clientele to mix and match sizes, prints, and styles to achieve a look that flatters their individual curves.

Sounds like an episode out of the Twilight Zone, right?  A store that sells flattering bathing suits for women with all different figure types?  That must only exist in another dimension!

Still, I was scared when I walked in. It looked like the type of place I shy away from because I think everything is going to be for a size 2. I thought I could never squeeze my arse into the clothes.  I spent some time talking to the PR person in charge of the event.  We are both recently divorced/separated and we connected over that part of our lives exchanging stories, etc.  I got to meet Malia and chat a bit before it was time to head into the dressing room.

Malia asked what size bottoms I normally wear and my bra size. Before long, I was brought a few bottoms and some really cute tops.  You know, the kind of tops that are cute on the hanger but not on my body? Yeah, it wasn’t looking good.

The first think I noticed was that the bottoms were a size SMALLER than I normally wear.  I normally have to buy a size BIGGER in bathing suits so I was not happy.  I just knew it was going to be a crummy experience.  I sucked it up and pulled on the first pair of bottoms.  Holy cow, I liked them! They fit! I put on the first top and it looked great too. The only thing was that it was a bit smaller of a bathing suit than I would normally wear. My stomach showed and it hasn’t seen sun in at least 10 years. But the suit?  The suit actually looked good. On me.  A suit that I would never have thought would look good on my body was looking good on my body.

I came out of the dressing room and was fawned over a bit.  They could tell I was a bit nervous but insisted I try the others on.  I tried on six suits and I liked every single one of them. They all fit! I can honestly say that I have NEVER been able to say that before.  This was the first time in my life where I wasn’t buying the only suit that fit me.  I had a choice of six different styles that all flattered my body and boosted my ego.  This certainly was The Bathing Suit Twilight Zone.  I pinched myself to see if this was real.

The store is amazing. Yes, the prices are a bit pricey; however, if you have ever bought a $150 pair of jeans, then you’ll totally “get” why they cost so much. That is how I feel about this bathing suit.  It is expensive but it made me feel and look amazing. I’ve learned that cheaply made bathing suits aren’t going to have the same craftsmanship, design, and fabrics that Malia’s designer suits have.   I highly recommend you go visit the store and have them to a fitting.  I think you’ll fall in love!

Disclosure: Malia and her team surprised me with a complimentary bathing suit at the end of my fitting.  I was not compensated for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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