Hoping to Get to a Giants Game Without Spending a Fortune

We go to San Francisco Giants games regularly, mostly thanks to my cousin’s season tickets, but the problem is, those are only two tickets and we’re a family of four. Until now, it wasn’t a problem because my son was young, and when he went, we sat in the bleachers. The bleachers can be dicey with young kids, and they lack a backrest, which really sucks after a awhile. Not only do I have kids crawling over me, I have someone’s knees in my back. Go team.

We’ve been to games at Coors Field, National Park, and Fenway Park as a family, but when it comes to our own AT&T Park, tickets are seriously expensive, and because they’re doing so well with less than half the season left, they’re nearly impossible to get in a row of four.

I looked last night at games starting before 7 p.m., and had a hard time getting four seats that weren’t standing room only. I was lucky if I found four at the view level. I found four together for one game at club level – so about $100 a ticket, plus over &70 in fees (seriously!), but hesitated due to the cost. This is insane, and nothing like when I was a kid and we’d go as a group to Candlestick Park with my dad, siblings, uncle, cousins, and maybe my grandfather, and all sit in the same row.

We’ll likely try to get to a San Jose Giants game too, which is fun, but it’s not the same as the bigs, especially when your kid is a big Melky Cabrera fan. It may be time to brave StubHub because the Giants’ website’s recommendation of scattered seats isn’t going to make this a family outing.

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