A Trader Joe’s Win: Baby Brie Bites

To start, this isn’t a sponsored post. This is about spreading knowledge to make the lives of moms easier. Even if it seems like a trivial matter, it’s not, when I consider all of the times I eat cheese and stake crackers for lunch because there is nothing else in the house, or the many times I hesitate to buy something new at Trader Joe’s for fear that it will suck.

I love Trader Joe’s as much as the next person. The prices are great, the variety is excellent, and it doesn’t suck the life out of me like many large grocery stores. My problem with Trader Joe’s is that things can be hit or miss. It can be so yummy that it becomes a regular purchase or it is so gross that I gag and spit it out like a toddler. Sometimes, though, it’s so good it becomes addictive, like these new cookies I found there earlier this week. I would take a picture, but the bag mysteriously disappeared not long after arriving home.

The Baby Brie Bites caught my eye because they look like a grown up version of Babybel cheese, the cheese my son is absolutely drawn to, as he loves possessing it, and opening it, but he hates eating it. Still, he begs for me to buy more. I bought the individually packaged baby bries on a whim, and soon enough I was home with nothing for lunch until I remembered the bries. I peeled open the little package, and pulled out the little brie, then mushed it up over a few crackers before brining it to my lips.

It was awesome! A Trader Joe’s win! It’s going on my regular shopping list.

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