My Mother’s Day Gift: My Daughter Made it Happen

The day before Mother’s Day I remembered that I wanted a gift. Not a gift for the sake of getting a gift, but I remembered the dead rosemary bush out back that did not get watered during a long vacation and subsequently died. I wanted a new rosemary bush to replace the dead one sitting in the planter near our back door. I said this aloud to the room filled with my husband and children, and my nine year old daughter looked at me and confidently said, “I can make that happen.”

The next morning, my husband took at the kids to Home Depot, and soon after, my daughter strode into my office holding a large rosemary plant, and after putting it down at my feet, she said, “I told you I’d make it happen!”

From start to finish, the interaction was a perfect example of my daughter. When she wants to be, she’s confident, focused, and can produce the outcome she wants. There was something so comforting in how she took charge that I made my reservations for my old age with her. Maybe I’ll be better off following her, rather than her brother, when I am old. It may only have been a rosemary plant, but it was great to have someone “make it happen” for me. I didn’t have to be in charge, the younger generation was ready to take over in this situation.

My husband said he was really the one who made it happen, but it turns out, he didn’t hear me when I said I wanted a rosemary plant. He said it happened when he wasn’t home, yet when I pointed out that he was in the room, he said he didn’t hear me. So while yes, my husband drove the car and paid for the rosemary plant, it wouldn’t have happened without my daughter. I love the homemade cards made by the kids, but the action of hearing me and working to make my small wish come true spoke louder than the sentiment written in the cards. It’s a rosemary gift I’ll never forget.

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