Kevin Mullin for State Assembly

Back in college, a friend who was a fellow politics major noted that people had to lead a pretty squeaky clean life to go into politics, for fear of doing anything that could be embarrassing in a campaign or anything that could possibly offend anyone else. This ruled out a lot of our classmates, we decided, maybe even ourselves. Skip ahead many years and it turns out one of our classmates, Kevin Mullin – one who did not make our questionable list – is running for the State Assembly, representing District 22 (including everything from South San Francisco through Redwood City). While we tend to not get into endorsements here, I’m voting for him and here are five reasons why I think you should too:

  1. Experience. He’s been active in politics for years, including serving as the mayor and on the city council for South San Francisco. Prior to that, he worked for two politicians, one being Jackie Spears, giving him an inside view of Sacramento. Also, he’s a local boy. He’s devoted to the Peninsula.
  2. Thoughtful. Kevin is reflective and thoughtful. He doesn’t impulsively blurt things out like me (why it was determined in college that I’d make an awful politician), but he listens, considers, reflects, then speaks.
  3. Democratic. For many people, voting is black and white, based on party line. Kevin’s a democrat, which isn’t a big surprise in the Bay Area. His issues include working to make the UC and CSU system again affordable for California families, in-fill developments based on smart land-use decisions, public transportation improvements, environmental improvements, and more.
  4. Youth. He’s young. He’s not Doogie Howser young, but young enough to bring a fresh perspective.
  5. Nice. Kevin’s a really nice guy. He was a stand up guy in college and still is. He’s the type of person who gets along with almost anyone and is well liked, making him easy to work with. He’s the guy who can work with people who may have opposing opinions and broker a compromise. He’s not going to be involved in a crazy scandal, and he’s wise enough to know when the mike is hot.

He’s a really nice guy who has been preparing for this role his whole life. Even back in college, while on student council, he was the clear winner.

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