The Real World: Silicon Valley

On vacation, I only saw the headline mashing together Randi Zuckerberg and The Real Housewives, which made it appear as if the franchise was coming to Silicon Valley. That, I would watch. Unfortunately, Bravo’s latest reality show isn’t The Real Housewives of Silicon Valley, but instead a reality show featuring seven local “hot shots” (those are really air quotes with an untranscribable eye roll), and even worse, Randi Zuckerberg isn’t one of them. I respect her more for not participating on camera – she’s set to be an executive producer – but if the cameras followed Randi, I’d follow the show.

The seven stars of the forthcoming show titled Silicon Valley were found via Craigslist. Let that sink in. In one way, very Silicon Valley, in another, it makes me wonder if these people were searching for missed connections or a like new Jonathan Adler settee when they came upon the ad. Self promotion is a part of success, but there’s something about this that feels overly garish, even in a region not running short on ego. Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been on this show, nor can I imagine Sergey Brin having signed up during the Google start up days, and Kevin Rose publicly said, “yuck…stay in LA.” Is this the start of the LA-ization of Silicon Valley?
The Real Housewives of Silicon Valley wouldn’t have been that scandalous, but I would have watched as wealthy women shot each other nasty looks while circling Stanford Shopping Center in the hunt for a parking spot, begged to get into private schools, and then argued with the kids over whether to go to Fraiche or Yogurtland (the kids want Yogurtland, for the toppings bar, obviously). I would have loved that show.
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