When a Corn Dog is Seen as Something So Much Worse

Last night I had hummus for dinner while the kids ate corn dogs. It was a night where I couldn’t hide the fact that I’d not gone to the grocery store. There’s weren’t enough ingredients to save me through a thrown together past. It was late, everyone was hungry, and my dinner plans went out the window when I grabbed the box of fish sticks, only to find the box was much, much lighter than expected. With my safety net cut open, I went for the corn dogs, which are really Trader Joe’s meatless corn dogs, but the kids did not know until last night when I opened my mouth.

Me: “Who wants veggie corn dogs?

My son: “What is a veggie dog?”

My daughter: “Not me! I don’t want anything with vegetables!”

Me: “It’s a corn dog. You’ve had them before.”

Daughter: “Not with vegetables shoved in it! No, I haven’t and I don’t want it.”

I tried to imagine what my daughter was picturing, maybe a hot dog with broccoli protrusions, but because I was tired from a long day of work and a Girl Scout meeting, I put the veggie dogs on the table and told her to eat them or forgo dinner. We usually eat dinner together, but I left the room to avoid the great facial drama that would come from my daughter taking a bite of a veggie dog.  She ate it. Eating vegetables in a hot dog form did not kill her, but tonight I will go back to telling her that the green in the pasta is basil (really spinach), because at age nine, the girl still can’t handle the truth. Luckily, the five year old eats vegetables in any form.

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