Pink Slime #SwapMeat at Fresh & Easy

About two years ago, I made the decision that we would eat less meat.  More vegetarian nights.  Less red meat.  I also promised my family that the meat we did eat would be higher quality.  Organic, if possible.  Without antibiotics, always.  The money that we would save by eating less meat would quickly be spent in purchasing organic meat.  It seemed like a fair trade to me.

When the media took a hold of Pink Slime, I felt better knowing that my family isn’t eating meat containing it anymore.  But I also wondered how many years we ate that stuff and what could the long term effects be on our health.  I also wondered about those infrequent trips to McDonald’s on the weekends with Grandpa. I wondered about times when I ran to the store and just bought whatever meat was on sale because I just didn’t have the time to fuss about organics and labels and all that jazz.

Today, March 28th, anyone concerned about the quality of their meat can bring any fresh or frozen ground beef from another retailer to any Fresh & Easy store and exchange it for a package of fresh&easy (80/20) ground beef – no questions asked.

They’re calling it the Fresh & Easy “Pink Slime Swap Meat.”  Fresh & Easy is proud of its commitment to providing fresh, wholesome food for your family, and have never, would never and will never use pink slime in their ground beef.

And while you are at it, contact your school to find out if they are using meat containing pink slime in your child’s hot lunch.  Honestly, we all deserve to eat real food.  We all deserve to know what’s in our food.  And we can “vote” with our mouths three times a day to make changes.

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