It’s a Bad Day When You Go to Costco to Cheer Up

This day has been bad. Not life altering bad, but totally sucky suck bad, where no matter how many times I focus on the positive, chanting that my family has its health, we have enough money to live, a roof over our heads, etc., it doesn’t get better. It’s a wallowing in it, Eeyore sort of day.

Once I’ve dropped this low, why not hit rock bottom with a trip to Costco? Maybe it was feeling bad enough that Costco couldn’t make it worse or maybe it was because my gas light was on in my car and right now, the Costco gas price looked good. I actually felt optimistic about the outing, which was silly.

Costco was crazy, as usual, with the same woman either knocking into carts she felt were in her way, or then leaving her cart askew in the center of an aisle, people swarming around the free food samples, a woman aggressively blocking the strawberries, as though she needed all 273 cases on display, a lady trying on clothes (thankfully over the clothes she wore into the store, but still, not something I want to see), and the man trying to become friends with the employee handing out slices of turkey deli slices. He even complimented the employee on how well he rolled the slices. It was odd and I wanted out of there almost as much as the toddler screaming, “OUT!” from the cart being pushed by her mother.

Costco did not make my day better. We’re restocked on hummus, dishwashing liquid, and gas, but not on sunny disposition. I may need to go to BevMo for that.

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