Discovering I Am an Innovator

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the Oakland headquarters of Galileo Learning (founders of our much loved Camp Galileo) with a few other local bloggers.  When I walked into the door, I immediately fell in love with the place.  The bright color, the sunny windows, the energy from the staff was addictive.  I immediately understood why Camp Galileo has remained my son’s favorite camp since kindergarten.  The culture of the company is so rich in creativity, in learning, in fostering innovation.  You can’t fake that.  A company cultures is started by the leadership and, oh my, was I impressed with its leaders.

While I was excited for my son that he’d get to attend this well crafted summer camp, what I really wanted to do was hand in my resume and beg to work there.  I don’t have the energy to lead 8 kids through a day’s activities, let alone an entire week or the entire summer.  With over 10,000 applicants to fill about 900 positions, I don’t think I stand a chance in the competition.  After speaking with its founder, Glen Tripp, I learned that I have the Innovator’s Approach in my developed skill set.  Which is almost as good as working there.  Almost.

I’ve made my career in the niche of transforming business practices.  My job is to find issues that prevent the business from doing its job and solve those problems.  Sometimes that means multiple iterations.  Sometimes that means collaborating with other lines of business find solutions.  Sometimes that means having a Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D just in case Plan A doesn’t get approved by the executives.

I never once thought of my career as innovative.  Thanks to Galileo Learning, I now consider myself to be an innovator.

And I’m thrilled that my son is developing these important life skills in elementary school.  Camp Galileo illustrates that a fear of failure can quickly be turned into an opportunity to be reflective, to be creative, and to try something new.  Plan B isn’t failure.  It’s innovative.

Disclosure: Galileo Learning has sponsored my son for a week of camp in exchange for a series of posts.  I have paid, and will continue to pay, for weeks at Camp Galileo.  We honestly love the camp.  I’ll continue to say that long after our free week is complete.

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  1. March 7, 2012
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