Cold Stone Creamery Giveaway: No Guilt Frozen Yogurt

I’d never been to Cold Stone Creamery before, even though I deeply love ice cream, because there isn’t one nearby. There is one two towns south, near where my kids go to school, and with the gorgeous weather this weekend, we made our first stop at Cold Stone Creamery after an afternoon of practicing baseball and softball. My kids were happy to go for ice cream, but when I pointed out that they get to pick out a candy to mix in, they nearly fainted. While everything at Cold Stone was new to us, there is something new to everyone: frozen yogurt creations. It’s a really wise move because I can treat my kids to ice cream, but instead of feeling guilty about indulging (because there is no way I’m getting Cold Stone Creamery ice cream without a mix in myself), there are these amazing yogurt creations that are just as tasty, but lower in calories. The yogurt is low calorie, and either nonfat or lowfat, depending upon the flavor, and include probiotics. The bottom line is that it tastes great.

I tried Powered by Chocolate, which was really yummy and had both kids asking for “a taste, just a little taste,” but next time, I’m going to try Strawberry Crumble, which looks like summer in a bowl. My kids both picked ice cream this time, but after looking at the pictures on the shop walls, they both want to try Chocolate Banana Indulgence, which is pretty much a low-cal chocolate banana split. It looks awesome. No surprise, we expect to go back to Cold Stone Creamery very soon. 

Want to try the new yummy yogurt creations for yourself? Cold Stone Creamery was generous enough to give us a $20 gift card for one lucky winner. You can take your family to Cold Stone Creamery or you can sneak off alone and try all of the new yogurt flavors without sharing. We not going to judge whatever you decided to do with the gift card.

There are three ways to enter:
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Like Cold Stone Creamery on Facebook
Follow Cold Stone Creamery on Twitter

Leave a comment letting us know how you entered (all three methods increase your chance of winning!), and we’ll randomly pick a winner next week. The contest ends March 12 at 11:59 p.m. and the winner will be announced March 13.

Disclosure: Cold Stone Creamery provided me with a gift card to sample the new yogurt creations. The opinions are entirely my own.

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner Kara! Thanks to everyone for entering!

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