The Ferris Bueller Superbowl Ad Makes Me Sad

The Honda commercial featuring Matthew Broderick revisiting his beloved Ferris Bueller character has everyone buzzing and so thrilled that the character is back. I felt the same way when I saw the promo that something Ferris was coming. I loved that movie as much as any other teenager, and something new with this character, possibly a sequel, was exciting. A few days later, the Honda CR-V ad hit the internet, and instead of feeling happily nostalgic, I felt violated. Something I love was cheapened to sell a car that my parents drive.

For Honda, the commercial is a major coup, and I guess the question is who owns Ferris? With John Hughes (sadly) deceased, that leaves Matthew Broderick in control, not the fans. While a homage, the commercial character was Broderick, thus the valet calling out his name and not actually Ferris Bueller. But still, it’s being seen as Ferris.

My parents – the CR-V owners – will love the commercial when they see it on Sunday because the references are memorable enough that they will get them, but the character wasn’t as close or relatable to them, leaving them without the feeling that this was a sell out. For me, I will still wonder what Ferris is doing, and in my vision of him at middle age, he’s not driving a CR-V.

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