Easy (and Cheap!) DIY Valentines

Since preschool, my son has always made his valentines.  By “make his own valentines,” I mean that I have made his valentines and he’s signed his name until last year when I had an infant and honestly can’t remember if the kid even had valentines to pass out.  This year, when I received my Martha Stewart Living Valentine’s issue, I knew that putting together a unique but still simple school valentine would only take some paper, my printer, and a tiny bit of candy.  While there is nothing wrong with the store-bought variety, these are fun do-it-yourself options. These are all valentines that my almost 8 year old can assemble himself; giving me the ultimate valentine gift – time back in my day.

Easy (and Cheap!) DIY Valentines

Photo Card Valentine (with a lollipop)

Fellow SV Mama, Kimberly, made these photo valentines last year. Snap a photo of your kid with an outstretched arm, add a lollipop, and let your child literally hand deliver the treat.  It is too cute and, as Kim pointed out, a great option if you have to make a ton of valentines.



Give a Kiss (with chocolate kisses)

Living Locurto made a free printable valentine that is has the perfect amount of kitsch to make it adorable.  All you need is a bag of Hershey’s kisses and some sandwich bags and your valentine is done.  I taped the greeting on top of gift bags I had purchased from our local Dollar Tree (40 for $1). I love that you can control how much candy is in each bag.  After all, it is Valentine’s Day – not Halloween.


You Rock (with Pop Rocks)

I augmented this one from Martha Stewart where she had bulk rock candy in little gift bags.  Our local Dollar Tree has Pop Rocks for 3 for $1 (compared to $1.19 each at ToysRUs, I thought this was a bargain).   I added one Pop Rock per gift bag and, using double stick tape, taped on the greeting on top.  Pop Rocks are a favorite among my 2nd grader’s class, so I know this will be a hit.


Dig Into Reading (with a bookmark & bookworms)

My son’s class is filled with avid readers.  I made a simple bookmark and printed on card stock.  Add a few gummy “book worms” purchased in the bulk section of our grocery store and wah-la, your valentines are done in about 8 minutes.  I love that it encourages reading.  My son loves that he gets to eat gummies.  A win-win, if you are keeping score.


Super Heroes (with Tootsie Roll Pops)

I stole this idea from my crafty-friend, Dylan, whose son wanted Super Hero Lollipops.  With a cape added as the valentine and a little mask fashioned from a black sharpie, this may be the cutest valentine I’ve ever seen.  Perfect for preschool boy that dreams of being Batman one day.


Because we love our readers, SV Mamas is sharing a free printable sheet of the You Rock, Dig into Reading, and Super Hero valentines for your personal use.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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