Dora the Explorer’s Live Show: All Fun, Usually Painless

Many moons ago, I had a young child who was a huge Dora the Explorer fan. She cheered on Dora, would laugh at Boots, and got anxious at the sight of Swiper. All good stuff, so naturally, I took her to see a traveling production of Dora the Explorer when it came to the Bay Area. I was so excited for our first really big outing like this, I mean, this was live theater! I bought her a t-shirt and I gave in when she begged to have a light up wand with Dora on a pirate ship, just like all the other kids seemed to be buying. I’m pretty sure the wand cost more than the t-shirt, but it was worth the amount of joy brought to my girl. I didn’t realize it could be used successfully as a mallet.

Something about the anticipation, the noise, the crowds, and probably some hunger thrown in, my angel started to go bonkers. It was so outside of any behavior I’d ever seen from her. It was this manic, crazed person energy that she could not hold in. I don’t know what I said to her, maybe “time to sit down,” but the next thing I knew, I was hit once, very swiftly, on the bridge of my nose with the damn light up wand. At that same second, the lights dropped in the theater and the show began.

For a split second, I was stunned. What happened? This is a kid who never hit, bit, and rarely had a tantrum. I didn’t know if I should take the wand away, which I would have done if we were at home, but this was probably the only time the wand would be used. If I didn’t let her keep it, did I spend $20 only to be hit in the face with this plastic piece? I turned to the stage, just as Dora was coming out, with her theme song blasted, and my daughter – and all the other kids in the theater – dancing or screaming in happiness from their seats. I let her keep the wand, probably because I was too busy chocking back tears when I heard the theme song (I blame hormones), and thankfully, not only did she not remember hitting me afterwards, but she’s never done anything like that again. The best news was really that the $20 light up wand was used as a nightlight until it died.

Want to experience Dora and the gang for yourself? Dora’s Pirate Adventure is coming to the Fox Theater in Redwood City this weekend and good tickets are still available. The Friday show is at 7 p.m., and there are two shows Saturday, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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